It’s okay, I’m not going anyway
I’m here, only by your side

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Track Title: I can hold your hand baby

Artist: the brilliant green

Album: Los Angeles


the brilliant green / I can hold your hand baby

Álbum: Los Angeles

País: Japón

Año: 2001



Track Title: つよくなる

Artist: 青葉市子

Album: 檻髪
If a huge pain and a scary demon appear,
let’s try shaking hands with them

And since it made us want to be friends,
we’ll get stronger with some almonds and fish
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pedal-stroke replied to your post:could someone recommend me some manga? I guess I…

read haruhi!!! ive never actually read the manga cause my japanese sucks, but i always wanted to..

I was super into Haruhi back when the first season aired, but I lost a lot of interest as time passed, so idk. I am interested in checking out the light novels though

lars-martin replied to your post:could someone recommend me some manga? I guess I…

Read Otoyomegatari? It’s pretty great and extremely beautiful.

I’ve read the first couple chapters, and it really is beautiful! I have been thinking I should pick it up again

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how is this town real


could someone recommend me some manga? I guess I should continue the ones I’m already reading, but I want to try something new

recently I’ve been looking for historical manga with good female protagonists, but really anything is fine

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